Welcome to St. Mary's Anglican Church
Nipigon, Ontario
Rector: The Rev. Diane Hilpert-McIlroy, CPE M.Div.

Getting to know us...


We want you to feel comfortable and at home at St. Mary's. We understand how overwhelming it can be if you are not used to coming to church.

Included in this informational booklet is a short history of St. Mary's; information about our ministry; areas of special interest; our aims, goals and mission and how we might be able to be of assistance to you.

Your comments and views about our church are welcome. St. Mary's is wheelchair accessible, it is a comfortable and welcoming place; firmly grounded in the life and teaching of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

As you enter the front doors you will notice a cross symbolizing our commitment to an all loving and gracious Lord and Saviour. We pray that you encounter St. Mary's to be a place of love, support warmth and acceptance in Jesus Christ.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. During his life he shared the daily life and work of an ordinary home and he had a three year ministry of teaching, healing and loving the people around the shores of the Sea of Galilee. He called ordinary people to be his followers; at least four of the twelve Apostles were fishermen and we know that many women followed Jesus and supported his ministry prayerfully and financially.

Jesus had no money; wrote no books; commanded no army he wielded no political power and he never traveled more than two hundred miles from his home. He died on a cross at Calvary when he was thirty- three years old. He was condemned as a common criminal even though he was the Son of God; and because of his sacrifice we have the promise of eternal life with God.

Today, over nine hundred million people throughout the world worship Jesus as the Son of God. Their experience has convinced them that in the wonders of nature, the joy of being called into relationships, and in the experience of worship and times of prayer that we encounter the Trinitarian God. Jesus is the intercessor on our behalf before God, and through the presence of the Holy Spirit we are brought into relationship with One God in three persons.

Jesus taught that we can trust in a loving and all merciful God and that we are all precious children to God. Therefore we are to treat one another with love and respect and forgiveness. Jesus lived what he taught, he cared for everyone he met there was no sign of discrimination in his dealings with others. He healed the sick, raised the oppressed and loved the lonely and forsaken...a sign of God's healing grace in a troubled and hurting world.

Jesus' teaching challenged the authorities of his day, when he claimed to be the way to eternal life with God. However we understand that the sinfulness of humanity caused God to offer a sacrifice for our waywardness and selfish self-centredness that is the reason for Jesus death on the cross.

Jesus told that he would be raised from the dead in three days. It was to women that God revealed the empty tomb; a very significant means of reminding mankind that God's grace is for everyone and that we are all equal in God's sight. The message of the good news of Jesus Christ is the reason that the church exists today.

May the presence of the Holy Spirit touch you in very special ways during your time at St. Mary's.


St Mary's Anglican Church History

St. Mary the Virgin, Church of England was constructed in 1888. The local people contributed about $250 and help was even received from tourists and visitor to the area. It took only two years for the debt to be paid off, although the painting was not completed. St. Mary's even had a bell and an organ. It was consecrated in January; although the Bishop was not able to visit until June of 1890.

The Parish of Nipigon as it was known then still services approximately the same area of land as when the resident missionaries arrived in 1872. Three churches were established St. Matthew's in Dorion which now serves that community as a cherished museum; St. Peter's Red Rock was purchased for $1 by the United Church. It is a testament to the faithfulness of the residents of Red Rock and Dorion that they are now valued members of St. Mary's. The heart of both St. Matthews and St. Peter's churches are very much present at St. Mary's.

The bell tower at St. Mary's old church was struck by lightning and has now been mounted on a pedestal outside the church, although it is not used regularly it is a piece of our history that speaks to the faithful Anglican witness to this community for over 125 years.

St. Mary's belongs to the Anglican Church in Canada through the Diocese of Algoma and is part of an international association of national and regional Anglican churches. There is no single "Anglican Church" with universal juridical authority as each national or regional church has full autonomy. As the name suggests, the Anglican Communion is an association of these churches in full communion with the Church of England.

With approximately more than 80 million members world wide, the Anglican Communion is the third largest Christian communion in the world, after the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches, The Archbishop of Canterbury, religious head of the Church of England, has no formal authority outside that jurisdiction, but is recognized as symbolic head of the worldwide communion.


St. Mary's As A Place of Prayer

St. Mary's prayer chain takes calls from all over Canada. When someone asks for a prayer there is a group of people who make intentional prayers on behalf of the person or family who is requesting them. This is issues of confidentiality are strictly observed.

St. Mary's has a weekly prayer list which the members of the congregation take home and pray for every day.


Bible Study

Bible Study is held at various times throughout the year and everyone is invited it doesn't matter what faith denomination you currently attend you are welcome to come and deepen your relationship with God and with your brothers and sisters in the Anglican tradition.



St. Mary's is committed to mission work, both here and abroad. We have various events in the year to raise money to support the causes and as well a percentage of the Sunday offerings go directly to our missions. We are also committed to prayerfully support all the mission endeavours of our church. We have also raised funds for the victims of natural disasters such as occurred in Haiti, Pakistan, New Zealand, and Japan.


Community Choir

St. Mary's is part of an ecumenical choir led and directed by Cookie Dampier. They meet and practice weekly at St. Mary's. Anyone interested in becoming a member please contact Cookie Dampier at
(807) 887-3425. The Community Choir supports the hospital Chaplaincy program and is appreciated at the funerals when requested by the family.


Pastoral Care at the Hospital

Members of St. Mary's are involved in the Hospital Chaplaincy at the Nipigon District Memorial Hospital. Our members visit residents in the Extended Care as well as Acute care. If there is anyone interested in joining this ministry please contact Rev. Diane at (807) 887-3988.


Calling and Caring

Currently St. Mary's in the process of establishing a Calling and Caring program for seniors, shut-ins or anyone who would find it helpful to have human contact by phone. Please see Rev. Diane at
(807) 887-3988 or Levina Collins at (807) 887-2708 if you are would be willing to become a team member (requires Police check) or if you would like a call.


Parish Visits

If you would like a visit from the Priest or a lay person, if someone is sick, shut-in, in the hospital please contact Rev. Diane at (807) 887-3988


House Blessing/Renewal of Marriage Vows/Counselling/

Please contact Rev. Diane at (807) 887-3988



Our church exists because we have received the grace and love of God through the generations. As we receive his gift of love and mercy today and celebrate together as a family in Christ, we acknowledge that we exist also to give both of these treasures away to all who come to us.

Our church is new, modern, comfortable, accessible and welcoming. We are small mission-minded congregation intent upon exploring God's desire for our individual lives as well as the life of our church.


St Mary's Mission Statement

"Relying on God's generous grace St. Mary's Anglican Church attempts to be a place of healing love, we care, welcome and accept all those who come seeking a relationship with Christ. Our mission-minded ministry is firmly grounded in the Gospel of Jesus"


Services at St. Mary's

Holy Communion at 11:00 a.m. Sunday's

A service of Morning Prayer on occasion

Bible Study

Taize Worship

Wacky Wednesday

Altar Guild

Community Building Events

Sign Board Ministry 

Share Lunch follows worship the first Sunday of the month


Monthly Community Luncheon



St. Mary's Anglican Church,
20 Second St. Nipigon, ON P0T 2J0
The Rev. Diane Hilpert-McIlroy
14 Second St. Nipigon, PO Box 220
Phone: (807) 887-3988; Church: (807) 887-3693